Thank you to all of the international sports community member that have reached out through webmaster@thettfa.com to share your praise for the positive contributions that Trinidad & Tobago Football has made over the years.


This Website is currently offline until The Trinidad & Tobago Football Association Normalisation Committee settle their invoice with the Web Developers.

The global pandemic has severely damaged economies and families across the world and while many great companies, institutions, and industries are standing up to support their workers, suppliers, and customers; there are others that do not share that same ethical compass.

To enable the community, both domestic and internationally, to keep up to date with the progress of the TTFA while the website is offline pending payment, some articles on the TTFA’s progress are below:

General Secretary of TTFA sues over unpaid salary

Normalisation Committee pay themselves BEFORE settling all staff wages

Normal Committee Pay Some Staff but not Long-Serving Communications Officer

Selective Payment to Staff by Normalisation Committee

Grass Roots Football is a secondary consideration to the FIFA/TTFA War

The court hearing is set for TTFA/FIFA Dispute

Normalisation Committee refuse to communicate with Web Developer and Email Host

Please check back onto the site regularly for updates on the TTFA’s progress; and thank you to the progressive and investigative journalist contributions by Lasana Liburd, Jelani Beckles, Jonathan Ramnanansingh, Leighton Levy, Ian Prescott, Keith Clement & the many others.