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Kelvon Charles

Lemuel Lyons

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The Men’s Beach Soccer team dubbed the made an immediate impact in CONCACAF when Trinidad and Tobago first entered the sport in 2013 and competed in the CONCACAF Beach Soccer World Cup Qualifiers in The Bahamas. The ‘Beach Soca Warriors’ were led by Brazilian Coach Alexandre Soares, four-time FIFA Beach Soccer World Cup Champion, and Benyam Astorga, former USA National Team World Cup player and CONCACAF Beach Soccer Instructor.

The team finished the tournament with two (2) wins, including an emphatic 5-0 victory over Canada, and two (2) losses and finished 7th in CONCACAF in 2013. The team was captained by Ryan Augustine and included goalkeepers Zane Coker and Victor Thomas along with field players- Makan Hislop, Lemuel Lyons, Chad Appoo, Hakeem King, Rodney Nelson, Shallun Bobb, Elijah Roberts, Dominic McDougall, Jesse Bailey.

In 2017, the team finished 7th at the CONCACAF Championship in Bahamas with a 9-3 win over Jamaica under head coach Benny Astorga.

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