TTFA launches Coaches Webinar Series

TTFA launches Coaching Webinar series

The Trinidad and Tobago Football Association is embarking on a series of coaching webinars beginning on April 10th 2021 which will be open to all coaches from Trinidad & Tobago. The lecturers for this series will include former as well as current academy directors and coach educators of federations and clubs from around the global football community.

The concept behind the TTFA “Everybody In” coaching seminars is related to the TTFA’s ongoing efforts to give all our coaches the necessary scientific information required for them to continuously develop themselves in the field of coaching.

According to TTFA Technical Director Dion La Foucade, “We are getting assistance from many international  clubs and organizations from around the world to participate in these webinars. Variety is the spice of life, and while each international organization club or country will have a specific philosophy and style of play, there will be a common thread throughout these clubs and countries/organizations.”

“Development comes before winning, therefore the emphasis will be largely based on the technical aspect at the earlier ages, and gradually what is done will be more tactical in nature as the players get older. Some organizations also put emphasis on the sports science side of the game,” La Foucade stated.

TTFA Technical Director Dion La Foucade

The presenters will come from establishments ranging from some English Premier League clubs, other parts of Europe, South and North America. Also contributing will be experts from the Sports Company of Trinidad and Tobago’s high performance department and the International Olympic committee.

The first webinar on April 10th will be conducted by Former Liverpool Football Club Academy Director, John Owens and the following webinar will be conducted by Ben Ashby of Aston Villa’s Coach Education Department

So far, over 125 coaches from Trinidad and Tobago have already registered, from all levels of the game including current and past national coaches as well as coaches at the grassroots level.

“These seminars will be very informative and it augurs well for our coaches continuous development based on the level of interest. The game keeps changing and we certainly need to keep up with the proven and new scientific methods used around the world. Even with the Covid restrictions, coaches are still willing to keep themselves sharp and well informed, which is very commendable,” said La Foucade.

Coaches can register by contacting the TTFA at

All Webinars will  run from 1:00 – 2:30pm on Saturdays and the topics that will be discussed will include but not limited to the following:

– The Art and Science of coaching.
– Developing an elite player.
– How to develop a player (male and female) and coaching curriculum for a club or country.
– Philosophy on Youth Development – covering the different coaching methodology styles to build a successful coaching program.
– What we (the club presenting, eg Liverpool FC), emphasize at our academy/organization.
– Presentation to Parents. How we involve the parents to recognise the different roles of parents and coaches in the development of their young players.
– How to create the right learning environment for players.
– How to scientifically teach technique and skill.
– When and how to fast track players.
– Decision-making, covering the Principles of Play for Attacking and Defending.

More on John Owens

John is an auditor for the English Premier League (EPL) Football Academies for ‘FootPASS England’, evaluating & ranking (EPL) Academies into 4 categories representing a significant challenge in positively impacting the development of English home grown talent. Footpass is also the Technical auditor for Belgian, German and Finnish Leagues. 

John Owens at right with Stevie Gerrard

Former Academy Manager Liverpool F.C; Winner FA Youth Cup ’06 & ’07; England U16 coach ’95-’97; England ‘C’ team coach ’97-’01. UEFA ‘A’ License; FA Academy Manager’s License; FA youth Coach’s Award.  Has coached: European Football of the Year Michael Owen and Steven Gerrard, Jamie Carragher, Wes Brown, Joe Cole

John is one of the most respected and experienced youth coaches in the world today. He has recently become an independent coach after 19 years work with Liverpool Football Club in the English Premier League. 

  • Full time coach at Liverpool FC since 1991. (9 years as a part-time coach. 10 years full-time) made up of one year as Assistant Academy Manager U9 – U14 age range, 5 years as Youth Team Coach U19/U18s winning the FA Youth Cup 2006 and 2007 in the final two years as Youth Team Coach, then 4 years as Academy Manager 2007-11.
  • 1995-97 England Schoolboy Manager U16’s
  • Former Umbro USA staff coach
  • 1997-2001 England ‘C’ Team Manager
  • UEFA ‘A’ License, FA Academy Manager’s License, FA youth Coach’s Award
  • Academic qualifications:- M.Sc. Pure Mathematics, M.Ed. Sports Psychology, P/G.C.E. Teaching in Physical Education and Mathematics