National Teams training suspended for 14 days due to COVID-19

In light of the entry of the corona virus into Trinidad and Tobago, and CONCACAF’s suspension of the Scotiabank Champions League yesterday, the Technical Committee in consultation with President William Wallace is suspending training for all national teams with immediate effect for a minimum of fourteen (14) days from March 13th to 27th.

Head coaches and managers have been asked to disseminate this information to all players and to remain in daily contact with them and other team staff in order to monitor their health status, specifically with regard to the presentation of Corona virus symptoms. Should anyone in their family and/or their team present such symptoms, they have been directed to immediately inform TTFA for immediate action.

Prior to the expiry of the suspension period the Technical Committee will issue further advice to teams on how to proceed.

The TTFA will issue another update at midday today pertaining to upcoming international events while Concacaf is also expected to make another announcement today.