TTFA sets up Medical and Sports Science Committee

The Trinidad and Tobago Football Association is pleased to announce the installation of its Medical and Sports Science Committee.

The committee will oversee the following programmes – 1. Education and Research 2. Sports Nutrition 3. Medical and Anti Doping 4. Mental Acuity 5. Injury prevention and Active recovery 6 Peak Performance training.

TTFA President William Wallace commented on the latest development, saying “Knowledge and best practice in this area is a bonafide and necessary part of sport and particularly football and we are extremely pleased about the set up of this committee. Sports medicine and science has migrated into the mainstream, cutting a broad swath, crossing and encompassing many different disciplines, such as the various areas mentioned such as education and research, medical and anti-doping, injury prevention and peak performance training.

There is clearly a role for sports medicine and sports science knowledge in the comprehensive preparation and care of our players and staff members,” Wallace added.

The members of the committee which will be chaired by Dr. Marisa Nimrod can be seen here