TTFA invites applicants for Head of Refereeing Department position

The Trinidad and Tobago Football Association is welcoming applications for the position of Head of the FA’s Refereeing Department.

The Head of Refereeing will be responsible:
a) To sit as a member of the Referees Committee and assist the Referees Committee in its functions
b) To implement decisions adopted by the Referees Committee
c) To carry out all tasks related to the logistics of refereeing
d) To carry out all administrative duties of the refereeing department
e) To implement programmes to develop the Referees according to the guidelines approved by the Referees Committee
f) To organise courses for Referees, Referee Instructors and Referee Assessors
g) To prepare and produce teaching materials in line with the Laws of the Game issued by IFAB
h) To report regularly or monthly on its activities to the Referees Committee either directly or through the Vice President for Members Affairs of the Member Association.
i) To ensure that all programs implemented meets with the approval and or consent of the Referees Committee
j) To work with assigned staff in the performance of all duties assigned to the referees department.

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Applications must be emailed to by January 15th, 2020.