Important Guidelines

TTFA Technical Area

TTFA Sets Licensing Criteria for Youth Clubs

The Trinidad and Tobago Football Association has developed a criteria for senior clubs with youth sections, youth football clubs and coaching schools wishing to be licensed by the Association.

The TTFA’s Technical Committee, through support of the regional associations, aims to have the document communicated to all youth clinics, academies and/or football schools within the respective zones.

The TTFA Technical Director Dion La Foucade and the Technical Department is responsible for implementation and monitoring of the said criteria. This criteria is another measure adopted to regulate the game locally, introduce high technical standards and facilitate player development. They sit alongside and support club licensing criteria to ensure our young talents receive the best training in the best conditions that our football can provide.

TTFA’s Guide to Selection and Coaching of National Teams

This document is a general guide to the selection and coaching of TTFA National Teams. It is to be applied throughout TTFA’s National Teams Programme and Regional Training Centre Programme.

The intention is to ensure elite player development and national teams selection proceed on the basis of a uniform philosophy and practice. It is a living document that would be reviewed periodically.

This document is the property of the TTFA. It was prepared by the TTFA’s Technical Committee in conjunction with, USSF A and World Football Academy Expert, Johann Contasté.